Talks on Music

  • Talks on Music
  • Author: Nordoff, P. & Robbins, C.
  • ISBN: 9781937440947

These Talks on Music are part of the famous “Nordoff-Robbins Preliminary Training Course in Music Therapy,” given by its founders in 1974 at Goldie Leigh Children’s Hospital in London. The downloads presented here are live recordings of the lectures and demonstrations devoted to the topic of clinical musicianship. Nordoff defined clinical musicianship as the combination of clinical ability, music skills, and a deep musical awareness borne out of one’s own personal experiences of music, and the development of a feelingful grasp of the expressive dynamics inherent in each musical element. For this reason, the various talks focused on exploring each musical element and the limitless resources it provides for improvising with clients.

Healing Heritage: Paul Nordoff Exploring the Tonal Language of Music is a print companion to these talks, prepared and edited by Clive and Carol Robbins. Corresponding page numbers in this book are given for the various topics and subtopics presented in each group of exploration.

* These compilations are packaged as "zip" archives. On many systems these should open simply by double clicking the zip file. If you are using Windows and have any difficulty opening them using tools supplied with your operating system we recommend the 7-zip utility.


GROUP ONE: Tonal Distance, Directions and Leaps Explorations 1-3

GROUP TWO: Intervals Explorations 4-6

GROUP THREE: Triads, Inversions and Tonal Direction Explorations 7-10

GROUP FOUR: Seventh Chords, Tension & Resolution Explorations 11-13

GROUP FIVE: Musical Archetypes: The Children's Tune & Pentatonic Scales Explorations 14-15

GROUP SIX: Tonal Relationships among World Scales and Styles Explorations 16-18