Healing Heritage: Paul Nordoff Exploring the Tonal Language of Music

  • Healing Heritage: Paul Nordoff Exploring the Tonal Language of Music
  • Author: Robbins, Clive & Robbins, Carol
  • ISBN: 9781891278068

Complete transcripts of the famous 1974 lectures by Paul Nordoff, the late composer-pianist, who with Clive Robbins, pioneered Creative Music Therapy. Dr. Nordoff dialogues with his students about the expressive dynamics of each tonal and rhythmic component of music, and through musical examples from various composers throughout history, demonstrates their therapeutic significance. 1998, 240 pages, Paperback.








              A short biography of Paul Nordoff                                                                              

              The setting of the course                                                                                               

              The students                                                                                                                    

              The relevance of these explorations to other client groups                                  

              Preparing the text                                                                                                           

              On the typography                                                                                                         

              The recordings                                                                                                                 

              A concluding perspective                                                                                              



Scales: Steps and Skips                                                                                

              The dynamic properties of scales                                                                                

              Scale passages and skips in melodic construction                                                                  

              The scale as a musical statement                                                                                               

              Dynamics of scalar movement                                                                                    

              Stepwise movement in the bass                                                                                                 


EXPLORATION TWO                                                                                                                      

Steps, Skips, and Creative Leaps                                                                               

              Exploring inherent tonal directions                                                                             

                             From the tonic upward                                                                                   

                             From the second scale tone                                                                           

                             From the third scale tone                                                                               

                             Including the fourth scale tone                                                                      

                             Including the fifth and higher tones                                                             

              Inherent directions and creative leaps                                                                       

              Completing melodic phrases                                                                                        

              Enlivening the melodic role of the dominant                                                            

              The need for creative leaps                                                                                          

              Editor’s note                                                                                                                    



Tonal Directions and Creative Leaps in Polyphony and Homophony                           

              Directions of tones, reviewed                                                                                      

              Tonal directions and creative leaps in Bach fugue subjects                                   

              Homophony: the influences of harmony upon tonal directions                           

              A principle of counterpoint disregarded                                                                                   

              Tonal directions in harmonic writing                                                                          

              Editor’s note                                                                                                                      



The Life of the Intervals                                                                                           

              Zuckerkandl’s imaginative thinking about music                                                      

              Experiencing intervals                                                                                                    

              Steiner’s interval concept                                                                                              

              The character of the octave                                                                                         

              Practicing experiencing intervals                                                                                   

              Becoming aware of the life of the intervals in a composition                                 

              Editor’s note                                                                                                                     



The Interval Concept and the Potential in the Single Tone                                           

              The interval concept and its application to therapy                                                

              The potential of the single tone                                                                                   

              Studying, absorbing, and applying: the living process                                            



Elaboration of the Interval Concept                                                                           

              Inner balance, tension, then resolution                                                                     

              The diminished seventh chord                                                                                     

              Analyzing intervallic movement                                                                                   

              Deriving inspiration from the great composers                                                       

              Intervals in alteration                                                                                                     



Triads and Inversions                                                                                                

              The triad in the root position                                                                                       

              The inherent qualities of inversions                                                                           

              The sixth chord                                                                                                                

              Inverted triads                                                                                                                 

              The six-four chord                                                                                                          



Triads and Inversions in Their Relation to the Interval Concept                       

              The intervallic components of triads and inversions                                               

              Freeing triads from harmonic tradition