The Rhythmic Language of Health and Disease

  • The Rhythmic Language of Health and Disease
  • Author: Rider, Mark
  • ISBN: 9781891278358
  • E-ISBN: 9781937440107

Reminiscent of the Greek planetary notion of the harmony of the spheres, this book demonstrates that body and brain have their own music. Furthermore, many of the alternative medicine techniques from hypnosis to acupuncture tune a diseased body using the same fundamental homeodynamic healing principle. Dr. Mark Rider, a clinical psychologist and music therapist in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, has drawn on his extensive research into healing, music, imagery, EEG, and the immune system to give us a unification theory of alternative medicine.

G. Frank Lewis, and Jeanne Achterberg describe the book:  A stunning piece of work, The Rhythmic Language of Health and Disease should be on everyone’s must read list. Rider’s thinking is brilliant, fresh, logical, firmly based in scientific principles, and will have a serious impact on the field of mind/body.

Larry Dossey MD, author of numerous books on alternative medicine says: Dr. Mark Rider has given us a sweeping picture of health and illness that unites mind, body, and spirit. Rider shows us that flow and change are health-promoting, while stasis sets the stage for illness. This book is based in the best traditions of modern science and traditional spiritual wisdom. Highly recommended!

N. Brown, a patient of Dr. Rider fighting Hodgkins Disease says: “I participated in the homeodynamic clinical process described in this book. These sessions enabled me to merge my splintered spiritual and emotional thoughts into a single powerful image, which freed me to fight for wellness with an open and joyous heart.” 1996 (ISBN 1-891278-35-5) 212 pages, $29.)