Songs in Group Psychotherapy for Chemical Dependence

  • Songs in Group Psychotherapy for Chemical Dependence
  • Author: Reitman, Alan D.
  • ISBN: 9781937440077
  • E-ISBN: 9781937440084

Developed in response to demands for short-term, goal-directed treatment approaches, this book provides a breakthrough cognitive-behavioral method of group psychotherapy for chemical dependence that has been developed and tested by the author through many years of practice. The method relies on using specially selected songs to address issues encountered in the different stages of recovery.  (See Table of Contents below).  Included are 14 practical and adaptable session protocols that may be used in a series or as a stand-alone or single session group. Each session involves listening to and discussing a song, and then re-writing another song and applying the insights gained.  Both songs deal with the same recovery issue, but the discussion and rewriting process allows for each group member’s responses to be addressed. Each protocol: outlines the session, identifies clinical and musical considerations for using the selected songs, provides clinical objectives, lists all materials needed, and gives step-by-step instructions. Also provided are sample progress notes for each session, the lyrics of the songs to be used, and a goal sheet for group members to chart their progress.

The method presented in this book can be adapted in a various ways for uses with other clientele.  For instance, the songs used in the protocols may be substituted with songs that may be more specific to the population being served (i.e., adolescents as opposed to adults).  Thematic material for guided lectures may be enhanced or completely substituted, as may any of the songwriting suggestions.  Finally, skilled therapists may use this model for a variety of clinical populations, such as eating disorders or at-risk adolescents.







Dedication/   v

 Author’s Biography/   vi

 Acknowledgements/   vii

 Permissions/   ix

 Table of Contents/   xvii

 Part I: Introduction/   1

               Purpose of This Manual/   3

               Requisite Skills for Implementing These Protocols/   6

               Assessment Issues/   6

               Contraindications/   8

               Clinical Rationale for Protocols/    9

               How This Manual Is Organized/   11

               Steps in Using the Protocols/   12

 Part II: Protocols for Challenging Addictive Thinking/   17

               Rationale for Protocols 1–7/   1 9

               Protocol 1: Identifying the Consequences of Addiction/   20

                            Song: Another Day to Run

                             Clinical and Musical Considerations/   20

                            Session Outline/   24

               Protocol 2: Identifying Denial and Addiction/   28

                            Songs: Live in the Sky, Easier to Run

                            Clinical and Musical Considerations/   28

                            Session Outline/   28

               Protocol 3: Entitlement and Addiction/   33

                             Songs: Because I Got High, Wish You Were Here

                            Clinical and Musical Considerations/   33

                            Session Outline/   34

               Protocol 4: Identifying and Confronting “Stinking Thinking”/   37

                            Song: Paradise

                             Clinical and Musical Considerations/   37

                            Session Outline/   38

               Protocol 5: Guilt vs. Shame and Recovery/   41

                            Songs: Guilty, The Thrill is Gone

                             Clinical and Musical Considerations/   41

                            Session Outline/   42

               Protocol 6: Maintaining Awareness of the Consequences of Addiction

                             and Identifying Coping Skills/   46

                            Songs:  What It’s Like, Sober

                             Clinical and Musical Considerations/   46

                            Session Outline/   47

               Protocol 7: Identifying Progress in Recovery/   50

                             Songs: Girl With Golden Eyes, Freebird

                            Clinical and Musical Considerations/   50

                            Session Outline/   51

 Part III: Protocols for Lifestyle Repair/   55

               Rationale for Protocols 8–14/   57

               Protocol 8: Forgiveness and Recovery/   58

                            Songs: Let It Go, Drift Away

                             Clinical and Musical Considerations/   58

                            Session Outline/   60

               Protocol 9: The Impact of Addiction on the Family/   63

                            Song: Family Portrait

                             Clinical and Musical Considerations/   63

                            Session Outline/   64

               Protocol 10: Narcissism and Addiction/   67

                            Song: Flawed Design

                             Clinical and Musical Considerations/   67

                           Session Outline/   69

               Protocol 11: Real Love/   72

                             Songs: Real Love, Heart of Gold

                            Clinical and Musical Considerations/   72

                            Session Outline/   73

               Protocol 12: Identifying Reasons to Remain Sober/   76

                            Songs: The Reason, Master Blaster (Jammin’)

                             Clinical and Musical Considerations/   76

                            Session Outline/   77

               Protocol 13: Taking Care of Unfinished Business/   79

                             Song: My Father’s House

                             Clinical and Musical Considerations/   79

                             Session Outline/   80

              Protocol 14: Remaining Active in Recovery/   83

                             Song: Takin’ Care of Business

                            Clinical and Musical Considerations/   83

                            Session Outline/   83

References/   87

Appendices/   91

 Goal Sheet for Group Members/   93

Another Day to Run/   94

Live in the Sky/   95

Easier to Run/   98

Because I Got High/   100

Paradise/   102

Guilty/   103

What’s it Like/   104

Sober/   106

Girl with Golden Eyes/   108

Let it Go/   110

Family Portrait/   111

Flawed Design/   115

Real Love/   118

The Reason/   119

  • My Father’s House/   120