Music Therapy Supervision, 2nd edition

  • Music Therapy Supervision, 2nd edition
  • Author: Forinash, Michele, ed.
  • ISBN: 9781945411427
  • E-ISBN: 9781945411434

The first book in the field to provide a comprehensive examination of the many levels and facets of music therapy supervision, now in its 2nd edition. It contains 26 chapters by leading experts from the USA, Canada, Denmark, Australia, and Israel. Part one provides foundations of supervision. Part two presents principles and techniques for pre-professional supervision (e.g., for students in practicum and internship), while part three deals with ways of supervising professional music therapists. Part four examines the various kinds of supervision used in advanced institute training (e.g., Nordoff-Robbins, Guided Imagery and Music, Analytical Music Therapy). This is a valuable resource for beginning as well as experienced supervisors. (2019; Paperback. 474pages)

Chapter 1 - Michele Forinash 
Part One: Foundations of Supervision
Chapter 2  Theoretical Approaches to Supervision - Lillian Eyre  
Chapter 3  Ethical Issues in Supervision - Kathleen M. Murphy 
Chapter 4  Culturally Responsive Music Therapy Supervision - Annette Whitehead-Pleaux 
Chapter 5  Feminist Approaches to Supervision - Nicole Hahna, Michele Forinash 
Chapter 6  Equality for All: The Intersection of Supervision  and LGBTQ+ Topics - Leah Oswanski, Beth Robinson, Amy Donnenworth, Maureen Hearns, 
Chapter 7  Engaging Race in Music Therapy Supervision - Marisol Norris, Susan Hadley 
Part Two: Supervision Practices
Chapter 8  Supervision of First-Time Practicum - Lisa Summer 
Chapter 9  Supervision in the Field - James Hiller 
Chapter 10 A Journey Through Internship Supervision Revisited:  Roles, Dynamics, and Phases of the Supervisory Relationship - Susan Feiner 
Chapter 11 Experiential Music Therapy Group as a Method of  Professional Supervision - Gillian S. Langdon 
Chapter 12 The Journey of Two: Supervision for the New Music Therapist - Dorit Amir 
Chapter 13 Peer Supervision of New Professionals - Charlay Yates, Kevin Kozik, Amanda Weldin, Gwen Van Baalen, Kristina Lessard, Jessica Triana 
Chapter 14 Culturally Responsive Academic Supervision in Music Therapy - Sangeeta Swamy, Seung-A Kim 
Chapter 15 Distance Music Therapy Supervision: Questions,  Reflections, and Practices - Mary-Carla McDonald, Christine Routhier, Annette Whitehead-Pleaux 
Chapter 16 Music-Centered Supervision of Clinical Improvisation - Colin Lee, Kimberly Khare 
Chapter 17 Songwriting and Clinical Identity Formation for  Music Therapy Students in Academic Supervision - Michael Viega, Felicity A. Baker 
Chapter 18 Advanced Supervision - Darlene Brooks 
Chapter 19 Five Levels of Supervision - Kenneth E. Bruscia
Part Three: Institute Supervision
Chapter 20 Concepts in Guided Imagery and Music Supervision - Denise Grocke 
Chapter 21 Supervision in the Nordoff-Robbins Training Program - Alan Turry  
Chapter 22 Forming an Identity as a Music Psychotherapist  Through Analytical Music Therapy Supervision - Benedikte Scheiby  
Chapter 23 An Analytical Music Therapy-Oriented Supervision (AMTOS)  Model to Develop Expressiveness, Creativity, and Fluidity in  Music Therapists - Seung-A Kim 
Part Four: Supervision of Doctoral Education
Chapter 24 Doctoral Education in the Creative Arts Therapies:  “Preparing Stewards of the Profession”  - Robyn Flaum Cruz, Michele Forinash 
Chapter 25 Doctoral Supervision: A Spectrum of Supervisor  Roles and Positions During the Doctoral Journey - Lars Ole Bonde, Hanne Mette Ridder  
Chapter 26 Supervising Doctoral Students and Dissertations in Music Therapy - Kenneth E. Bruscia