Music Therapy: Group Vignettes

  • Music Therapy: Group Vignettes
  • Author: Borczon, Ronald
  • ISBN: 9780962408090
  • E-ISBN: 9781891278747

This is the first of its kind, and a book that will be welcomed by professionals and students alike. In it, an experienced music therapist presents his approach to group work through detailed transcripts of actual sessions along with frank discussions of his thoughts and feelings while leading each group. The book begins with an introduction to the nature of music therapy, music, and group work. The author then presents four fascinating group vignettes, each detailing an innovative approach that he has developed, including: 1) Stories, Myths and Music; 2) Music and Imagery; 3) A Recovery Model and 4) Words and Music in Song. (1997; Paperback, 200 pages)



Table of Contents

Foreword Acknowledgements

Chapter 1 Prelude

Chapter 2 Music and Life: Basic Relationships

Chapter 3 The Music Therapy Group: Structure and Structure and Techniques

Chapter 4 Therapeutic Strategies

Chapter 5 Stories, Myths, and Music

Chapter 6 Group Vignette: Stories, Myths, and Music

Chapter 7 Music and Imagery: An Open Doorway

Chapter 8 Group Vignette: Music and Imagery

Chapter 9 Music Therapy in a Recovery Model

Chapter 10 Group Vignette: Music Therapy in a Recovery Model

Chapter 11 Words and Music

Chapter 12 Group Vignette: Words and Music

Chapter 13 Postlude