Music, Therapy, and Early Childhood

  • Music, Therapy, and Early Childhood
  • Author: Schwartz, Elizabeth
  • ISBN: 9781891278532
  • E-ISBN: 9781891278693

A comprehensive guide to music therapy with young children, providing a detailed examination of development from birth to age five, with theoretical perspectives and extensive scales of developmental milestones. Information is compiled in nine different chronological periods, including benchmarks for physical, sensory, motor, cognitive, emotional/social, and language development. The book then synthesizes current research on musical development in young children and provides lists of musical behaviors as well as a presentation of the theories of musical development proposed by Briggs/Bruscia and Edwin Gordon.

Part Two explores the author’s framework for practice based on both the theory and research from the beginning chapters. Development is categorized within five levels. The chapters thoroughly examine each level through anecdotal musical descriptions, musical elements key to each level, and musical characteristics. An expansive catalog of musical goals is provided for singing, playing, moving, and musical understanding within each level. Strategies and interventions offer the therapist, family, or educator an easy to understand format for success.

Therapeutic issues are addressed through a guide to understanding what developmental obstacles are encountered by the special needs child and how these obstacles impact musical participation and overall development. Next there is an in-depth look at recognizing musical involvement in all the levels.

Practical tips and solutions for the music therapist make up the third section of the book with discussions on play, language, choices, silence, generalization, role release, as well as instruments and equipment. And no book on early childhood would be complete without a look at important events such as toileting, walking, reading, and talking and how these can be addressed musically.

Music, Therapy, and Early Childhood: A Developmental Approach provides a wealth of information for the music therapy student, young music therapy professional, early childhood music educator, early childhood teacher, parents, and families. 2008, Paperback, 168 pages,



Table of Contents
How to Use This Book  
Part I: Music, Young Children, and Development  

Chapter 1 Music and Young Children


Chapter 2 Theories of Development in Young Children


Chapter 3 Early Childhood Developmental Scales and Checklists


Chapter 4 Models of Musical Development in Early Childhood


Chapter 5 Musical Response in Early Childhood

Part II: From Theory to Practice  

Chapter 6 A Framework for Practice: Developmental Levels


Chapter 7 Awareness


Chapter 8 Trust


Chapter 9 Independence


Chapter 10 Control


Chapter 11 Responsibility


Chapter 12 Obstacles to Development


Chapter 13 Recognizing Involvement in Music

Part III: Practice Particulars  

Chapter 14 Creating a Developmental Music Environment for Young Children


Chapter 15 Seeing the Whole Child


Chapter 16 Simple Tips and Practical Solutions


Chapter 17 Programs for Young Children with Special Needs