Music Therapy in Action (2nd Edition)

  • Music Therapy in Action (2nd Edition)
  • Author: Priestley, Mary
  • ISBN: 9781937440152
  • E-ISBN: 9781937440138

A restoration of the second edition of the ground-breaking book by pioneer Mary Priestley. In addition to presenting a practical overview of music therapy with many case examples from her own work, Priestley also lays out the basic premises for the major improvisational model that she developed, Analytical Music Therapy. Included are her innovative, psychoanalytically-based techniques for working with conscious and unconscious material through improvisation, and her forward looking experiential method of training music therapists called Intertherap.  The historical significance of this book is clearly seen today in the world-wide recognition of Mary Priestley’s work in the field of music therapy.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1: What is Music Therapy

                                                                                                  Part One

Chapter 2: Training and Improvisation

Chapter 3: Analytical Music Therapy and Intertherap

Chapter 4: Choosing the Field of Action

Chapter 5: Repertoire and Instruments

                                                                                                  Part Two

Chapter 6: The Big, Back ward

Chapter 7: The Locked Female Ward

Chapter 8: The Locked Male ward

Chapter 9: Psychodynamic Movement and Relaxation Session

Chapter 10: The Small Imiprovisation Group, Vocal Group, and Record Session

Chapter 11: The Music Club

Chapter 12: Therapeutic Teaching and Chamber Music

Chapter 13: Working with Arts Therapists and Others

Chapter 14: Techniques of Analytical Music Therapy

Chapter 15: More Techniques of Analytical Music Therapy

Chapter 16: Yet More Techniques of Analytical Music Therapy

Chapter 17: The Emotional Spectrum

Chapter 18: The Joint Session

Chapter 19: Private Practice

Chapter 20: Music Therapy with a Private Client

Chapter 21: Notes on a Hospital Patient’s Music Therapy

                                                                                              Part Three: Thoughts Around Music Therapy

Chapter 22: Aims of Music Therapy

Chapter 23: Inner Music

Chapter 24: The Parameters of Sensitivity

Chapter 25: How Music Therapy Works

Chapter 26: The Musical Relationship

Chapter 27: The Encounter

Chapter 28: Strange Communication

Chapter 29: Transference and Countertransference in Music Therapy

Chapter 30: The Meaning of Music

Chapter 31: Therapeutic Uses of Music

Chapter 32: The Future