Music Therapy: A Fieldwork Primer (2nd Edition)

  • Music Therapy: A Fieldwork Primer (2nd Edition)
  • Author: Borczon, Ronald
  • ISBN: 9781945411182
  • E-ISBN: 9781945411199

Writing from over 35 years of experience as a music therapy clinician and educator, the author has provided the field with an invaluable, “hands-on” introduction to field work and practicum experiences. This is the second, updated, and expanded version of the first edition, originally published in 2004. After defining the essential attributes of a music therapist, the author explains the field learning process and the therapeutic process, pointing out the various challenges that students face in their developing years. Of particular interest is the section giving advice on how to cope with the inevitable anxiety of leading one’s first session in a clinical setting. The book then offers practical suggestions on “how to” (1) use music, 2) verbally process a musical improvisation, (3) deal with difficult clients, (4) collect and report clinical data, and (5) benefit from supervision. Already field-tested by the author with his own students, this companion to field training is an invaluable resource for practicum students, interns, supervisors, educators, and practitioners.




Chapter 1

Attributes of a Music Therapist   

Chapter 2

The Fieldwork Learning Process 

Chapter 3

Clinical Process

Chapter 4

Data Collection

Chapter 5

How to Plan and Implement Music Experiences  

Chapter 6

Talking as an Intervention              

Chapter 7

What We Learn from Clients        

Chapter 8

Intervention Strategies for the Difficult Client      

Chapter 9

Beginning to Build your Style      

Chapter 10

Getting the Most from Supervision