Music for the Imagination (NOT PRINT: 10 CDS)

  • Music for the Imagination (NOT PRINT: 10 CDS)
  • Author: Bruscia, Kenneth E.
  • ISBN: 9780962408052

A set of ten CDs with music programs specially designed for use by practitioners of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM). The CDs contain over 25 GIM programs, totaling 100 different compositions from the classical literature, all recorded by NAXOS. The programs were created by Helen Bonny, Linda Keiser Mardis and Kenneth Bruscia. (10 Audio CDs; Previously sold for $250).



           1) Ravel: Intro & Allegro                                                                                                                                                                                           

           2) Copland:  Appalachian Springs                                                              

           3) Tschaikovsky: 4th Symphony (Scherzo)                                               

           4) Mendelssohn:  5th Symphony (Andante)                                                  

           5) Suk:  Serenade in E-flat Major Op. 6 (Adagio)                                        

           6)  Brahms:  3rd Symphony (Allegro con brio)                                             

           7)  Nielsen: 5th Symphony Excerpt of 1st movement)                                      

           8)  Beethoven:  Violin Concerto (Larghetto)                                                 

           9)  Corelli:  Concerto Grosso #8 in G minor (Adagio)                                    


           1)  Haydn:  Cello Concerto in C (Adagio)                                                      

           2)  Puccini:  Madama Butterfly (Humming Chorus)                                        

           3)  Debussy:  String Quartet (Andantino)                                                        

           4)  Bach:  Christmas Oratorio (Shepherd's Song)                                           

           5) Dvorak:Serenade in E Major (Larghetto)                                                  

           6) Warlock:  Capriol Suite (Pieds en l'air)                                                     

           7)  Sibelius:  Swan of Tuonela                                                              

           8)  Goreczki:  3rd Symphony (2nd Movement)                                             

           9)  Boccherini: Cello Concerto B-flat (Adagio)                                               

           10) Russian Folk Songs:  O the Steppes                                                        

           11) Russian Chant: The Joy of Those Who Mourn                                          

           12) Shostakovich 2nd Piano Concerto (Andante)                                            


           1)  Debussy:  Prelude to Afternoon of Faun                                                 

           2)  Liadov:  Enchanted Lake                                                                         

           3)  Holst:  The Planets (Venus)                                                                     

           4)  Holst:  The Planets (Neptune)                                                                 

           5) Grieg:  Cradle Song                                                                                

           6)  Sibelius:  2nd Symphony (1st Movement)                                              

           7)  Vaughan-Williams:  2nd Symphony (Lento)                                            

           8)  Delius:  La Calinda                                                                                

           9)  Kallinikov:  2nd Symphony (Andante)                                                

           10)  Bizet:  Intermezzo from Carmen                                                     


           1) Brahms:  Piano Concerto #2 (Allegro non Troppo)                              

           2) Brahms:  German Requiem  Part I                                                         

           3) Brahms:  German Requiem Part 5                                                        

           4) Brahms:  4th Symphony (Andante Moderato)                                       

           5) Brahms:  Violin Concerto (Adagio)                                                         

           6) JS Bach:  Concerto for 2 Violins (Largo)                                                  

           7)   D'Indy: Symph. on French Mt Air (1st mov’t)                                         


           1)  Elgar:  2nd Symphony (Larghetto)                                                         

           2) Mendelssohn: 3rd Symphony (Vivace)                                                    

           3) Faure:  Pavane                                                                                      

           4) Ravel:  Daphnis & Chloe Suite #2 (Play to end)                                     

           5) Ravel Daphnis & Chloe (Suite #2)

           6) Brahms: 1st Symphony (3rd Movement)                                                 

           7) Respighi:  Pines of Rome (Gianicola)                                                      

           8) Debussy:  Nocturne (Sirenes)                                                                 

           9) Durufle:  In Paradisum                                                                            

           10) Durufle:  Notre Pere                                                                               

           11) Bach:  Suite #3 - Air                                                                               


           1)  Britten: Simple Symphony (Sentimental Sarabande)                                

           2) Walton:  Touch her soft lips and part                                                      

           3) Faure:  Cantique de Jean Racine                                                           

           4)  Faure:  Requiem (Pie Jesu)                                                                       

           5) Puccini:  Madama Butterfly (Humming Chorus)                                      

           6) Massenet:  Orchestral Suite #7:  Sous Les Tilleuls                                    

           7) Schumann:  Funf Stucke im Volkston Op. 102                                        

           8) Elgar:  Serenade for Strings (Larghetto)                                                    

           9) Elgar:  Enigma Variations (8 and 9)                                                       

           10) Mozart:  Laudate Dominum                                                                     

           11)  Barber:  Adagio for Strings                                                                     

           12)  Brahms:  Requiem Part 6                                                                     

           13) Strauss:  Death and Transfiguration (Excerpt)                                          


           1)  Albinoni:  Oboe Concerto in D Minor                                                       

           2)  Rodrigo:  Concierto de Aranjuez (Adagio)                                               

           3)  Grieg:  Holberg Suite (Air)                                                                       

           4) Arensky:  Piano Trio (Elegia)                                                                  

           5) Vivaldi:  Violin Concerto in A Minor (Largo)                                           

           6) Dvorak:  Czech Suite (Romanze)                                                             

           7) Bridge:  Lament                                                                                      

           8) Delius:  1st Aquarelle                                                                              

           9)  Chopin:  1st Piano Concerto  (Romance)                                                   

           10)  Rachmaninoff:  Second Symphony (Adagio)                                          

           11)  Respighi:  Fountains of Rome (Valle Guilia)                                           

           12)  Respighi:  Fountains of Rome (Villa Medici)                                          


           1)  Beethoven:  5th Piano Concerto (2nd Movt)                                             

           2)  Vivaldi:  Gloria (Et in Terra Pax)                                                              

           3)  Bach:  Brandenburg Concerto #6 (Adagio)                                               

           4)  Faure:  Requiem (In Paradisum)                                                                

           5) Wagner:  Lohengrin (Prelude to Act I)                                                     

           6)  Borodin:  1st Symphony Andante                                                             

           7)  Brahms:  3rd Symphony (Poco Allegretto)                                               

           8)  Beethoven:  9th Symphony  (Adagio Molto)                                            

           9) Brahms:  2nd Piano Concerto (Andante)                                                


           1) Shostakovitch:  5th Symphony (Excerpts)                                                

           2) Mendelssohn:  3rd Symphony (Adagio)                                                   

           3) Wagner:  Siegfried’s Funeral March                                                        

           4) Rachmaninoff:  Isle of the Dead                                                             

           5) Bach: O Mein Jesu                                                                                 

           6) Mahler:  Excerpt from Der Abschied                                                       


           1) Holst:  The Planets (Mars)                                                                  &&l