A Musical Journey Through Pregnancy

  • A Musical Journey Through Pregnancy
  • Author: Federico, Gabriel F.
  • ISBN: 9781945411595
  • E-ISBN: 978194541601

A book for expectant parents

The baby learns more inside the mother's womb than we can imagine—and not only learns, but also feels, memorizes, responds, acts, recognizes, discriminates, and even begins to love. 

In these pages we will discover the importance of prenatal care related to the baby's psyche and the dyad, which is also developing during this period. The external employment of music can help in creating a stronger bond, showing how the baby communicates with the mother, how she transmits sensations to the child, and how these are recorded emotionally beforehand. This work also examines the effects of music on the baby, as well as how music can help during labor, birth, and the relationship established with both parents.

In simple language, this book shares scientific and clinical information about prenatal stimulation, prenatal bonding, and communication between human beings before birth using music therapy.

Foreword by Colin Andrew Lee
Foreword by Thomas R. Verny
Foreword by Orlando Terré Camacho
1  General Reflections on Pregnancy
2  Sound
3  The Expectant Mother and Her Awakening to the World of Sounds
4  Sound and the Unborn Baby
5  The Theory of the Spheres of Pregnancy
6  Prenatal Music Therapy: An Overview
7  Focal Music Therapy in Obstetrics
8  Prenatal Bonding
9  The “Fourth Trimester”