Discography of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Programs

  • Discography of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) Programs
  • Author: Bruscia, Kenneth E.
  • ISBN: 9781937440596
  • E-ISBN: 9781937440633

Each discography follows the same general outline. First, the original program is presented as designed by the programmer. The name of the programmer and the date it was created are also given. Then track locations are provided for the program as they appear on the Digital Compilation of Guided Imagery and Music Programs on the Barcelona website. This gives information on the specific performances and performers that appear on each compilation. If the selections made for the compilation are not satisfactory, a section is provided on “Alternate Recordings.” This suggests other performances and performers that the guide may want to use instead of the selection on the compilation.The next section details all modifications or variations that have been made to the program, along with the programmer and date. This section also includes recommendations for shortening selected programs. Finally, comments about the program are offered by the author.


Affect Release/   1
Body Program/   3
Caring/   5
Childhood Experiences I-II/   7
Comforting/Anaclitic/   9
Consoling/   11
Creativity I/   13
Creativity II/   15
Creativity III/   17
Death Rebirth/   19
Elegy I-II/   21
Emotional Expression I/   23
Emotional Expression II/   25
Expanded Awareness/   27
Explorations/   29
Faith/  32
Gaia I-II/   34
Grieving/   36
Heroine’s Journey/   39
Horizons I-II-III/   41
Imagery/   43
Inner Odyssey/   45
Lamentations I-II-III/   47
Mostly Bach/   49
Nostalgia/   51
Nurturing/   53
Past Lives I-II/   55
Pastorale/   57
Peak Experience/   59
Positive Affect/   61
Quiet Music/   64
Recollections/   66
Relationships/   68
Searching II-II/   70
Serenity/   72
Solace/   73
Soliloquy I/   74
Soliloquy II/   75
Soliloquy III/  77
Sublime I/  79
Sublime II/   80
Transitions/   81
Warrior-King I-II/   83
Programs in the Digital Compilation/   85
Program in Music for the Imagination/   86
References/   87