Developments in Music Therapy Practice: Case Study Perspectives

  • Developments in Music Therapy Practice: Case Study Perspectives
  • Author: Meadows, Anthony
  • ISBN: 9781891278754
  • E-ISBN: 9781891278761

This book presents 34 case studies from music therapists around the world. These studies represent practices from a broad range of clinical orientations, including recent developments in the field. This includes cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, psychodynamic, medical, community, aesthetic and healing practices. Divided into four sections, the book covers practices with children, adolescents, adults and older adults, covering medical, early intervention, school, community, private practice, psychiatric, prison, drug and alcohol, nursing home and hospice settings. Various models of music therapy are also represented, including Guided Imagery and Music, Analytic Music Therapy, Behavioral Music Therapy and Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. Chapters are also dedicated to Medical Music Therapy, Neurologic Music Therapy, Aesthetic Music Therapy, Group Analytic Music Therapy, physioacoustic therapy, vocal music therapy, and Schwabe’s biopsychosocial model, among a broad range of practices. Each chapter includes a description of the author’s theoretical foundation(s), assessment process, therapeutic process and health outcomes, encompassing improvisational, receptive, recreative, compositional and creative arts methods and techniques. Conceived as a textbook for training students, this collection may also be used as an introduction to music therapy, and as a reference that reflects developments in practice within the field (2011, Paperback, 620 pages).

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Acknowledgments vi
Contributors xiii
Developments in Music Therapy Practice: A Reading Guide

Anthony Meadows (USA)

Part I: Children
Chapter 1
When Life Begins Too Early: Music Therapy in a Newborn Intensive Care Unit

Monika Nöcker-Ribaupierre (Germany)

Chapter 2
Medical Music Therapy with Premature Infants: Family-Centered Services

Miriam Hillmer, Olivia Swedberg and Jayne M. Standley (USA


Chapter 3
Growing Up in Music: A Journey through Early Childhood Music Development in Music Therapy

Elizabeth K. Schwartz (USA)

Chapter 4
Unraveling Hidden Resources of a Girl with Rett Syndrome

Cochavit Elefant (Israel and Norway)

Chapter 5
Exploring Issues of Control through Interactive, Improvised Music Making:Music Therapy Diagnostic Assessment and Short-Term Treatment with a Mother and Daughter in a Psychiatric Unit


Amelia Oldfield (United Kingdom)

Chapter 6
Establishing Communication with a Boy with Autism Utilizing Recorded Music


Barbara J. Crowe (USA)

Chapter 7
Addressing Core Features of Autism: Integrating Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy within the Developmental, Individual-Difference, Relationship-Based (DIR®)/FloortimeTM Model

John A. Carpente (USA)

Chapter 8
Music Therapy for Children in Hospital Care: A Stress and Coping Framework for Practice

Jane Edwards and Jeanette Kennelly (Republic of Ireland and Australia)

Chapter 9
Developing Speech with Music: A Neurodevelopmental Approach

A. Blythe LaGasse (USA)

Chapter 10
From Violent Rap to Lovely Blues: The Transformation of Aggressive Behavior through Vocal Music Therapy

Sylka Uhlig (The Netherlands)

Part II: Adolescents
Chapter 11
Punker, Bassgirl and Dingo-man: Perspectives on Adolescents’ Music Therapy

Jaakko Erkkilä (Finland)

Chapter 12
Crossing the Divide: Exploring Identities within Communities Fragmented by Gang Violence

Sunelle Fouche and Kerryn Torrance (South Africa)

Chapter 13
Our Path to Peace: Songwriting-Based Brief Music Therapy with Bereaved Adolescents

Robert E. Krout (USA)

Chapter 14
Moving Out of Your Comfort Zone: Group Music Therapy with Adolescents who have Misused Drugs

Katrina McFerran (Australia)

Chapter 15
Just Don’t Do It: A Group’s Micro Journey into Music and Life
  • Mercédès Pavlicevic (United Kingdom and South Africa)
Part III: Adults
Chapter 16
Facilitating Neurological Reorganization through Music Therapy: A Case of Modified Melodic Intonation Therapy in the Treatment of a Person with Aphasia

Felicity Baker (Australia)

Chapter 17
The Case of Paula: Music Psychotherapy with a Musician

Joanne Loewy and Stephan Quentzel (USA)

Chapter 18
From the Highest Height to the Lowest Depth: Music Therapy with a Paraplegic Soldier

Chava Sekeles (Israel)

Chapter 19
Music Therapy and Addiction: Addressing Essential Components of the Recovery Process

Jim Borling (USA)

Chapter 20
Making my Body a Safe Place to Stay: A Psychotherapeutically Oriented Approach to Vibroacoustic Therapy in Drug Rehabilitation

Marko Punkanen and Esa Ala-Ruona (Finland)

Chapter 21
A Flash of the Obvious: Music Therapy and Trauma

Julie Sutton (UK Northern Ireland)

Chapter 22
From Ego Disintegration to Recovery of Self: The Contribution of Lacan’s Theories in Understanding the Role of Music Therapy in the Treatment of a Woman with Psychosis

Lillian Eyre (USA)

Chapter 23
Singing in the Recovery Model with a Chronic Mentally Ill Offender

Vaughn Kaser (USA)

Chapter 24
The Doors and Windows of the Dressing Room: Culture-Centered Music Therapy in a Mental Health Setting

Brynjulf Stige (Norway)

Chapter 25
Music Is About Feelings: Music Therapy with a Young Man Suffering From Anorexia Nervosa

Gro Trondalen (Norway)

Chapter 26
“Taking a Close Look”: Emotional Awareness as a Core Principle in the Music Therapy Treatment of a Patient with an Anxious-Avoidant Personality Disorder

Ulrike Haase and Axel Reinhardt (Germany)

Chapter 27
The Use of Elemental Music Alignment in the Journey from Singer to Healer/Therapist

Frank Bosco (USA)

Chapter 28
Music Therapy and Depression: Uncovering Resources in Music and Imagery

Lisa Summer (USA)

Chapter 29
Bringing Light into Darkness: Guided Imagery and Music, Bereavement, Loss and Working Through Trauma

Leslie Bunt (United Kingdom)

Chapter 30
The Meta-Musical Experiences of a Professional String Quartet in Music-Centered Psychotherapy

Heidi Ahonen and Colin Andrew Lee (Canada)

Part IV: Older Adults and End of Life
Chapter 31
Music Therapy and Dementia: A Cognitive-Behavioral Approach

Melissa Mercadal-Brotons (Spain)

Chapter 32
Music as Life and Lifeguard: Music Therapy for an Older Adult with Depression

Ineke van Hest-de Witte, Jack Verburgt and Henk Smeijsters(The Netherlands)

Chapter 33
Home is Where the Heart Is

Monique van Bruggen-Rufi and Annemiek Vink (The Netherlands)

Chapter 34
Songs of Faith in End of Life Care

Russell Hilliard and Jenna Justice (USA)