Case Examples of Improvisational Music Therapy

  • Case Examples of Improvisational Music Therapy
  • Author: Bruscia, Kenneth E.
  • E-ISBN: 9781937440381

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A compilation of 29 case examples with over 120 audio or video excerpts illustrating how leading music therapists have used vocal and instrumental improvisation as an integral part of the therapeutic process with children, adolescents, and adults with various needs. Available only as an e-book (E-ISBN: 9781937440381, 550 pages, $48).




Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION: An Overview of Improvisational Music Therapy
Kenneth E. Bruscia
Improvisational Music Therapy with Children and Adolescents
 CASE 1 (13 Audio Excerpts)
Audrey is Dancing a Song:  Work, Myth, and Singing in Self-Actualization
Kenneth Aigen  (A case study of Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins)
 CASE 2 (9 Audio Excerpts)
Good-bye Indu: The Aesthetic Form of the Music Therapy Session
Kenneth Aigen  (A case study of Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins)
Improvisation and Play in the Therapeutic Engagement of a Five-Year Old Boy with Physical and Interpersonal Problems
Pamela Bartram
A Research Case Study on the Effectiveness of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Accomplishing Musical and Socio-emotional Goals for a Girl with Autism
John Carpente
Growing up Alone: Analytical Music Therapy with Children of Parents Treated within a Drug and Substance Abuse Program
Julianne Kowski
Speaking without Talking: Fifty Analytical Music Therapy Sessions with a Boy with Selective Mutism
Wolfgang Mahns
 CASE 7 (20 Video Excerpts)
The Impact of Creative Music Therapy on a Child’s Ability to Relate Interpersonally
John Mahoney
The Knight Inside the Armor: Music Therapy with a Deprived Teenager
Simona Katz Nirensztein
Edward (20 Audio Excerpts)
Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins
 CASE 10
Anna (27 Audio Excerpts)
Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins
 CASE 11
Preverbal Communication Through Music to Overcome a Child’s Language Disorder
Amelia Oldfield
 CASE 12 (20 Audio Excerpts)
Self-communications in Creative Music Therapy
Carol Robbins and Clive Robbins
 CASE 13
Creative Music Therapy in Bringing Order, Change, and Communicativeness to the Life of a Brain-injured Adolescent
Clive Robbins and Carol Robbins
 CASE 14
The Use of Piano Improvisation in Developing Interaction and Participation in a Blind Boy with Behavioral Disturbances
Helen Shoemark
 CASE 15 
Being Beverley: Music Therapy with a Troubled Eight-Year Old Girl
Helen M. Tyler
 Improvisational Music Therapy with Adults
 CASE 16
The Case of Marianne: Repetition and Musical form in Psychosis
Jos De Backer
Jan Van Camp
 CASE 17 (3 Audio Excerpts)
Case Study—Michael:  Music and Loss
Colin Andrew Lee
 CASE 18 (2 Audio Excerpts)
Living In Playing: A Group Case Study
 Colin Andrew Lee
 CASE 19 (2 Audio Excerpts)
Moving into the Age of Aquarius: Aesthetic Music Therapy with a String Quartet
Colin Andrew Lee
 CASE 20 (10 Audio Excerpts)
Singing My Way Through the Cancer, the Darkness, and the Fear
Maria Logis
Alan Turry
 CASE 21 (1 Audio Excerpt)
An Audio Case of Maria and Alan: A microanalysis of Our Song Improvisation “There, There.”
Alan Turry
 CASE 22
Reclaiming a Positive Identity: Music Therapy in the Aftermath of a Stroke
Nancy McMasters
 CASE 23
Group Improvisation Therapy: The Experience of One Man with Schizophrenia
Helen Odell Miller
 CASE 24
The Revival of the Sea Urchin: Music Therapy with a Psychiatric Patient
Inge Nygaard Pedersen
 CASE 25
Analytical Music Therapy and the “Detour Through Phantasy;”  A Case Study of Curtis
Mary Priestley
 CASE 26 (5 Audio Excerpts of Priestley and Curtis)
Changes in Images, Life Events and Music in Analytical Music Therapy: A Reconstruction of Mary Priestley’s Case Study of Curtis
Lillian Eyre
 CASE 27
Mia’s Fourteenth—The Symphony of Fate:  Psychodynamic Improvisation with a Music Therapy in Training
Benedikte Barth Scheiby
 CASE 28
Music is about Feelings: Music Therapy with a Man Suffering from Anorexia Nervosa
Gro Trondalen
 CASE 29
Musical Improvisation in the Treatment of a Man with Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder
Jose van den Hurk
Henk Smeijsters