The Lives of Music Therapists: Profiles in Creativity - Volume 1

  • The Lives of Music Therapists: Profiles in Creativity - Volume 1
  • Author: Moreno, Joseph J.
  • E-ISBN: 9781945411205

Thirty-five autobiographies of leading music therapists from around the world, with an acknowledgment, foreword, and conclusion chapter by Joseph Moreno, the editor. 





1) Claus Bang (Denmark)

2) Lia Rejane Mendes Barcellos (Brazil)

3) Rolando O. Benenzon (Argentina)

4) Serafina Poch Blasco (Spain)

5) Helen Bonny (United States of America)

6) Edith Hillman Boxill (United States of America

7) Ruth Bright (Australia)

8) Johanne Brodeur (Canada)

9) Kenneth E. Bruscia (United States of America)

10) Barbara J. Crowe (United States of America)

11) Hans- Helmut Decker-Voigt (Germany)

12) Patxi Del Campo (Spain)

13) Cheryl Dileo (United States of America)

14) Johannes Th. Eschen (Germany)

15) Isabelle Frohne-Hagemann (Germany)

16) Denise Grocke (Australia)

17) Fran Herman (Canada)

18) Barbara Hesser (United States of America)

19) Carolyn Kenny (Canada-United States of America)

20) Edith Lecourt (France)

21) Nancy McMaster (Canada)

22) Joseph J. Moreno (United States of America)

23) Yasuji Murai (Japan)

24) Giovanna Mutti (Italy)

25) Amelia Oldfield (England)

26) Inge Nygaard Pedersen (Denmark)

27) Mary Priestley (England)

28) Lianna Polychroniadou Prinou (Greece)

29) Dora Psaltopoulou (Greece)

30) Clive Robbins (United States of America)

31) Even Ruud (Norway)

32) Chava Sekeles (Israel)

33) Jacqueline Verdeaux-Pailles (France)

34) Tony Wigram (England)

35) Zhang Hong Yi (China)