Notes on the Practice of Guided Imagery and Music

  • Notes on the Practice of Guided Imagery and Music
  • Author: Bruscia, Kenneth E.
  • ISBN: 9781937440763
  • E-ISBN: 9781937440770

Based on the author’s manuals for training GIM practitioners, this book offers detailed strategies for planning and implementing each phase of the individual GIM session. Also included are discussions of the role of music, shifts in consciousness during the session, assessment concepts, the analysis and creation of music programs, advanced guiding techniques, risk management, and interactive imaging. Available in print, epub, and mobi.



Note 1: Nomenclature and Definitions

Note 2: Levels of GIM Practice

Note 3: Applications of GIM

Note 4: Procedural Phases of the GIM Session

Note 5: The Preliminary Conversation

Note 6: The Induction

Note 7: Selecting the Music

Note 8: The GIM Programs

Note 9: The Music-Imaging Experience

Note 10: Basic Guiding Techniques

Note 11: The Return

Note 12: The Postlude

Note 13: Consciousness Shifts in the GIM Session

Note 14: Managing the Risks of GIM

Note 15: The Client’s First Session

Note 16: Starting the Assessment Process

Note 17: Understanding Imagery

Note 18: On the Role of Music

Note 19: An Approach to Analyzing GIM Programs

Note 20: Music Programming

Note 21: Special and Advanced Guiding

Note 22: Interactive and Group Imaging