Artistic Music Therapy: An Individual, Group, and Social Approach

  • Artistic Music Therapy: An Individual, Group, and Social Approach
  • Author: Albornoz, Yadira
  • ISBN: 9781937440909
  • E-ISBN: 9781937440916

This book introduces a model of music therapy that places artistry at its core. In this model, the aim of music therapy is to help clients reconcile and transform the various dichotomies in their lives, as they are uniquely encountered and worked through in each client’s musical and artistic endeavors and creations. The first part of the book contains chapters that provide a theoretical frame for Artistic Music Therapy, its reliance on improvisation, and its social applications. The second part contains chapters that describe its use with comorbid substance abuse and a case study on sexual dysfunction.


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Inciso Complementarity in Music Therapy

Chapter 1 Antecedents of Artistic Music Therapy

Chapter 2 A Description of Artistic Music Therapy

Chapter 3 Procedural Features of Artistic Music Therapy

Chapter 4 Clinical Reflections on Artistic Music Therapy

Chapter 5 Sketching a Theory of Improvisational Music Therapy

Chapter 6 Personal Work

Chapter 7 Health Perspective: South America

Chapter 8 Life Monologue: Sandra

Chapter 9 Social Music Therapy in Perspective: Sharing an Experience

Chapter 10 Social Music Therapy and Levels of Participation

Chapter 11 Music Therapy in Substance Abuse

Chapter 12 Reflections on Comorbid Substance Abuse and Music Therapy

Chapter 13 Artistic Music Therapy to Complement Regular Substance Abuse Treatment

Chapter 14 Artistic Music Therapy in Comorbid Substance Abuse

Chapter 15 The Role of Music Therapy in Sexual Dysfunction and Multimorbid Substance Abuse