Music for Fun, Music for Learning - 4th Edition

  • Music for Fun, Music for Learning - 4th Edition
  • Author: Birkenshaw, Lois
  • ISBN: 9781891278433

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A collection of over 200 songs, poems, movement activities, lesson plans, instrumental accompaniments, and suggestions for the teacher, all designed to involve the whole child in singing, speech and movement, and most importantly in developing their creativity. Because of this holistic approach, the material can be used with all children in classrooms or with small groups, and are particularly effective when working with children in 3rd and 4th Grade, and those with special needs. Each song, poemt and activity is designed to catch the interest of the children while also helping them develop learning concepts, such as coordination, note-reading, sequencing, body awareness, and sensory awareness. Specific attention is given to problems such as helping out-of-tuners or dealing with children who have learning disabilities, and especially those integrated into the regular classroom.




1. Relaxation

2. Let's Move

3. Let's Listen

4. Let's Sing

5. Songs

6. Speech and Poetry

7. Poems

8. Creativity

9. Notation

10. Related Learning

11. Special Learning for Special Children

12. Instruments

13. Sample Lesson Plans

14. Records