Case Examples of Music Therapy for Survivors of Abuse

  • Case Examples of Music Therapy for Survivors of Abuse
  • Author: Bruscia, Kenneth E.
  • E-ISBN: 9781937440282

Case examples provide very unique and valuable insights into how different forms of therapy are practiced, as well as how clients respond to those therapies. This e-book contains 8 previously published case studies on how music therapy has been used to help individuals to survive and heal abuse. Each case details the process by which therapist and client engage in music experiences that enable the client to explore and better utilize the personal resources needed to address his or her own therapeutic needs. The aim of the book is to provide practical information to students and professionals in music therapy and related fields and to inform all those affected by abuse about the potential benefits of music therapy.


Table of Contents


Tools of Rediscovery: A Year of Guided Imagery and Music


Jenny Martin Caughman


Improvised Songs Stories in the Treatment of a Thirteen-Year-Old Sexually Abused Girl from the Xhosa Tribe in South Africa

Helen Henderson


Guided Imagery and Music (GIM): Healing the Wounded Healer

Rhonda Lineburg Rinker


The Healing Function of Improvised Songs in Music Therapy with a Child Survivor of Early Trauma and Sexual Abuse

Jacqueline Z. Robarts


Working with Jenny: Stories of Gender, Power and Abuse

Penny J. Rogers


“Promise to Take Good Care of It:” Therapy with Ira

Viola Schönfeld


Rita: From a Bad Baby to a New Bird: Developmental Integrative Music Therapy with a Hospitalized Adolescent Suffering from a Traumatic Childhood

Chava Sekeles


The Voice from the Cocoon: Song and Imagery in Treating Trauma in Children

Susan Bray Wesley